Panther House Redevelopment

PANTHER HOUSE (Gray’s Inn Road/Mount Pleasant)

Panther House is the Victorian warehouse which runs from Gough Street up to the now disused tram shed. Beyond that is Brain Yard, which opens on to Grays Inn Road and the shopping range of three retail outlets (Andrew’s Café, Adana Printers and the small convenience store). This whole parcel of land is up for redevelopment – again – and the developers have asked us to take part in pre-planning application consultation on the new plans. The Forum is trying to arrange a meeting date with the developers, before the application is made, and we will contact you with the dates, when we have them.
Panther House has already obtained a planning permission for redevelopment. The Forum members and residents who lived next to the building met with the developers and some sort of agreement was reached about night-time behaviour (late night parties) and keeping some space for workshop use. However, the site has now been sold on to another company, who wishes to build a different development, so we are invited, again, to discuss new and different proposals.
The new plans are very different. You can see the exhibition boards here:

Panther House – Grays Inn Road.Public Exhibition Boards.May2019

Some of you may have seen the details at the public exhibitions the developers held in May and early June at Panther House courtyard, and at the Welsh Centre. We are awaiting a download of the information, to put on this site.
Last time you all discussed the former proposals, you were concerned about the front (façade) of the building, and its general appearance, the future of the shops, the conservation of the listed structure, and the nature of the business. There was considerable support for keeping the work-shop element of business in situ (including facilities for “dirty-work” enterprises (ie welding/iron-work/screen printing/ceramics) as opposed to desk-driven concerns.
You might want to consider these plans and discuss the proposed new development. We’ll let you know if/when a consultation meeting is set up.