CLERKENWELL FIRE STATION (Rosebery Avenue opposite Mount Pleasant Sorting Office)

Islington Council have taken over this empty building to provide temporary housing for homeless people, and, we believe, to provide an advice centre from the premises. The purpose of this is obvious – the building has been lying empty for all the time since Boris Johnson closed down the fire service for our area – so it was beginning to need maintenance. Islington thought it better to take it over – so it still remained in public hands – rather than see the building decay or be sold off into private enterprise.
Islington’s intentions for the building long-term are unknown, but in the short—term they intend to provide temporary housing for the homeless, and some kind of advice office/local centre for homeless people.
The Forum welcomes this move to keep the fire-station building in public ownership. Some residents hope that Islington has long-term plans to convert the building into permanent Council flats.
The Forum meanwhile welcomes the intentions of Islington to provide short-term housing for the homeless, since this is certainly a central London problem. However, we will observe the project as it develops, to see if there are any adverse effects. Some locals say they think the proposed temporary housing will bring a lot of disruption and bad behaviour into the area, whilst others welcome it as a brave effort to meet the needs of people disadvantaged through no fault of their own.
Let us know your views about this