THE DEVELOPERS ARE HERE! We’ve mentioned before how our neighbourhood is ripe for development. Now, it’s happening in spades!

Not only are the massive works at MOUNT PLEASANT continuing – and we’re keeping our eye on those, but a new development is coming for PANTHER HOUSE (Grays Inn Road/Mount Pleasant) and the CLERKENWELL FIRE STATION (Rosebery Avenue) is going to be used by Islington Council as temporary housing for homeless people.
The most imposing of all is the proposed new development for the EASTMAN DENTAL HOSPITAL (Grays Inn Road/Cubitt Street) which will involve changes and problems for our much loved Calthorpe Project, and for other neighbours in Trinity House and the New Calthorpe Estate (Fleet Square etc off Cubitt Street).
Stories on all these developments are shown on thiswebsite. Do read about what’s happening and let us know your views.


Community Right to Build Order – Examiner Rejects MPNF’s application

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