Neighbourhood Plan

Your Neighbourhood Plan begins to shape up!

You may have wondered what happened to the Neighbourhood Plan? Don’t worry…we have been working away on this

Timing has been slow, and Covid restrictions have really upset our timetable. More news at our AGM on Tuesday March 30th.
Meanwhile, to show you some of the work we have been doing, here are the links to our background research.

Firstly, there is a section on Who we were and Who we are.…a social history section and a summary of the last Census returns (Census 2011). This shows that despite the building changes over the years, the new roads, the variation in employment opportunities, this neighbourhood has remained resolutely working class.

You said you had concerns about traffic and clean air. We investigated. Here is a link to our Air Pollution Study, and a link to our report on Greening the Neighbourhood. You’ll see that this area suffers greatly from air pollution, caused mainly by traffic and added to by almost continuous construction works. Dirty air is a real concern and all of you were quite right to say it was one aspect of living round here which worried you most.

Please read through the work we’ve done on your behalf. Let us know what you think. We need your feedback.


Go to more on the Plan inlcuding the draft here