Our Local Plan

Please read latest update from March 2021 here

This is still a work in progress.

You can download a copy of the draft plan here

A Neighbourhood Plan is an extra planning exercise that emphasises issues local residents find to be important. You will see below the priorities that YOU said were important for our area. We asked members of local tenants and resident groups, members of the Mount Pleasant Association, and also did a house-to-house mailing of 4000 local residents asking their views.

Your predominate concerns were:

• More truly affordable housing, mainly to be provided by local councils, local housing associations and other bodies who would provide social rent controls and therefore housing ordinary people could afford.

• Developers of land to consult fully with local residents at pre-planning stage, so that local views were known about, and considered early on in the planning system, not left until the end.

• Traffic and air pollution. Less air pollution caused by motor vehicles, more pollution free pedestrian access. Less street parking. More community use of side-streets for child-play, community seating etc. More bicycles, less cars.

• More green planting, more mini-parks, more trees. Green building measures such as green roofs and walls on all new developments or redevelopments.

• A secondary school in or near our neighbourhood.

• More local shops near mini-parks, to help retain local traditional meeting points.

Above all your preoccupations were for a living central city, where residents’ views were of concern, where decent living conditions took pride of place.


The Forum, which has written this Plan, is made up of all of you; people who live locally, people who belong to local organisations, t+r assocs etc, people who are local campaigners (eg members of Mount Pleasant Association), parents at the local primary school. We hope, between us, we’ve fairly represented your views. You’ll remember how shocked we all were when local views about the land around Mount Pleasant was developed into an ugly, unsuitable private housing development against local wishes and against local council wishes. We were sold out by Boris Johnson, the then Mayor of London. We were right to be furious. It was then that local people, through Mount Pleasant Association, decided that we must attempt to write local planning law to affect what happens locally. That’s why we’ve asked your views and written this Neighbourhood Plan. We want to make sure that local views have more importance in the future, and that politicians will find it harder to ignore our opinions.

Planning is always a difficult subject, because it often involves change, and takes place over a span of time; people forget what they thought was important at the time. So, we’re trying to make sure that your views, your opinions about your local area are discussed openly, agreed, and taken seriously. When our local Neighbourhood Plan is posted in full on this website, when the copies of the Plan are circulated, and when you are asked for your opinion – please do comment, and back your views for our area.

Apart from supporting local views about what our neighbourhood should be like, we will also have access to a proportion of local money raised by development, (Community Infrastructure Levy) to spend locally on issues you consider to be important. Deciding how we spend local money locally is one way, amongst many, that we local people can help have a real say in our neighbourhood’s future.

We ran a public consultation in March 2018 – we held a number of sessions where the plan was available to view and members of the committee were on hand to discuss and answer queries. We invited the public to submit feedback in person, hand written at the sessions or via our email address. We also discussed the outcomes of this consultation at our public meeting in September 2018.

We will be circulating a more complete version of the plan end of May/early June. `in the meantime comments are welcome via the email address:


Your Neighbourhood Plan must be formally submitted and will then be sent out by both Camden and Islington Councils for a local Referendum.

If the Plan is approved the contents will become part of local planning law. In doing so, the MPA and local residents can help make our area a better place to live for the future years.