Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum

Ensuring local views are legally included in planning law.

The Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum (MPNF) is a legal body which was set up to write a Neighbourhood Plan for a designated Neighbourhood Area. Once the Neighbourhood Plan has been written and approved by local referendum, the planning requirements that MPNF has listed become written into planning law.

You may have forgotten what this is all about. Here is a quick summary.

Mount Pleasant Association fought long and hard to build a local centre around the Post Office lands, and you all lent us your support. We lost out because Boris Johnson over-ruled the opposition of ourselves and both our local Councils (Camden and Islington). Our neighbourhood now faces an inappropriate building in the middle of our area, which Taylor Wimpey is presently constructing. No-one locally is very pleased by this result.

This much hated political decision made MPA think about what could be done to protect our local neighbourhood against a repetition, where another unsuitable development threatens our local way of life, and the whole future of our neighbourhood.

One safeguard was to apply to write a local plan, to make sure local concerns were written in to local planning laws and that these had legal weight to influence planning decisions. We wanted to make sure the local voice carried significantly more weight, by making your voice legally part of the planning system.

MPA applied to undertake this work over four years ago; both Camden and Islington councils supported this aim, and as a result the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum came into existence.

The Forum is a legal body recognised within the planning system and by both local Councils. We have leafletted the neighbourhood (4,000 door-to-door deliveries), appointed people from local residents’ associations, held public meetings every 3 months, worked on research projects, set up a website ( and generally tried to make sure that all local people who want to can have their say, take part in our work, and support our findings.

Now we will be placing various articles on this website about your major concerns, which were housing, development, traffic and air pollution, and maintenance of Conservation Areas, to remind you of the present threats to our neighbourhood. We will also try to explain how the planning system works.

Mount Pleasant Association and the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum exist to give a powerful voice to local residents and local businesses, who have been so frequently ignored.
As you know the land round here is very expensive and is a prime target for redevelopment – our neighbourhood will become full of hotels, hospitals and university institutions with little room for ordinary residents unless we make sure we speak out and that our voice is heard. This Neighbourhood Plan is one method of providing a platform for local residents to make representations to influence subsequent new devlopments to ensure they are approprioate for our area and provide benefit to the local community.


Our Designated Neighbourhood Area

You can download a map here

Committee Members

You can see a list of our executive and committee members here.

Our Agendas, Minutes and Newsletters

The Forum holds four public meetings a year. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you live or work in the area, or whether you are just interested in local planning and the many issues of living in Central London. See minutes here.