Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum

Ensuring local views are legally included in planning law.

The Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum (MPNF) is a legal body which was set up to write a Neighbourhood Plan for a designated Neighbourhood Area. Once the Neighbourhood Plan has been written and approved by local referendum, the planning requirements that MPNF has listed become written into planning law.

In this way, the umbrella body, the MPA, works through the Forum to safeguard the immediate future of the local area.

As a legal body, the Forum can apply for planning orders such as Community Right to Build (CRtB). The Forum thus helps MPA Ltd to obtain planning consent for our alternative plans for the Mount Pleasant development site.

Our Designated Neighbourhood Area

You can download a map here

Committee Members

You can see a list of our executive and committee members here.

Our Agendas, Minutes and Newsletters

The Forum holds four public meetings a year. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you live or work in the area, or whether you are just interested in local planning and the many issues of living in Central London. See minutes here.