Our Mount Pleasant – Royal Mail’s Mount Pleasant

The Story So Far

Set up in 2013 to counter the unpopular development proposed by the Royal Mail for its site at Mount Pleasant, the Mount Pleasant Association has since developed an alternative vision for the site that has proved highly popular with the local community.

The MPA invited the urban realm body Create Streets to work alongside us and create a different development that local people liked and wanted.

When presented to the then Mayor of London Boris Johnson at the planning committee meeting for the RMG site in October 2014, he said the MPA scheme was “beautiful” and that we “should work this up”, even as he granted the Royal Mail Group planning permission for its development./

After obtaining a grant from the Greater London Authority the MPA was able to develop our local scheme through a Community Right to Build Order. The rules meant that we could only develop plans for a certain area of land so we created proposals for a segment of the huge RMG development site, pending the rest of the site.

Working with Create Streets, the MPA assembled an impressive team of designers, planners and engineers to work up our plans for the RMG development site. Many of these people have given us a great deal of time hours of work for free.

We are really grateful to:

  • Nicholas Boys Smith and Kieran Toms from Create Streets
  • David Maddox of Maddox Associates town planners
  • Chris Rainsford and John Spence from surveyors Calford Seaden
  •  Architect Frances Terry

In the autumn of 2016 we submitted our first Community Right to Build Order to Camden Council.

MPA is now applying for another grant, to work on a second phase of the Community Right to Build Order for another (adjacent) part of the Royal Mail Group building plot.

Once the two Community Right to Build Orders are given planning consent we will own planning permission for a large proportion of the RMG land – which makes our community involvement in the land-purchase very attractive to investors in our project.

MPA Ltd has worked to put the local neighbourhood in a position where we can (with a consortium) bid to purchase this big development site, in which we will already own planning permissions for parcels of land. Going forward, MPA will be involved in the largest community-driven development in London.

It has already been a remarkable achievement, and we gratefully invite you to check back on our progress.