Mount Pleasant Association

When Royal Mail announced in  2011 that it was planning to sell the site, there was much concern about the proposals for the development in the planning application, which would have it looking something like the CGI above.

Mount Pleasant Association is a local group with over 200 members who live and/or work in the area. It campaigns on local issues with a particular interest in housing and development. MPA represents local views in planning submissions, at planning hearings and in local newspapers. Open to all, it works alongside other local groups.


MPA keeps an eye on local  planning developments in our neighbourhood. We make a point of responding to local people and local groups who feel  worried about proposals which may affect them or their family. We can’t guarantee to win, we’re not planning experts…….but so far our record is good.

YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONTACT US if you are worried about a proposed building development near you. Maybe we can help make sure your voice is heard. You can email us at

In order to properly challenge the Royal Mail Group’s planning application the MPA needed to come up with an alternative. A formal company had to be set up to secure grants to fund this work (secured through the GLA) and the Mount Pleasant Association Ltd was formed.
MPA Ltd is a not-for profit company, set up in 2015 to administer the finances of MPA during the Community Right to Build process.
It administrates MPA’s plans to purchase the Royal Mail development site at Mount Pleasant and transform it into a flagship community-led development.
It is a registered business with a board of directors: chair Oliver Bennett, secretary Edward Denison, treasurer Graeme Weston and voting director Alexandra Steed. Judy Dainton acts as note-taker.