Eastman Dental Hospital due to be sold to developers in 2018?


Rumour has it that Eastman Dental Hospital has handed in notice to quit their large site on Gray’s Inn Road (original site of the Royal Free) and that next year that site, including its listed buildings, will go on to the open market to be developed as flats/hotel/retail. This means that the land, at the moment owned by the NHS and subject to different planning laws, will become open for development and become under the ruling of Camden Planning Authority. If the rumour is true, MPA and the Forum will need to become involved in discussions about any plans for this as soon as they become real. Otherwise we may face another “postal lands” development disaster for our neighbourhood.

  • However there is a further rumour that Moorfields Eye Hospital (also moving) may transfer to this site and in that case the land will remain within the NHS.
  • The situation is further complicated by Tory Govt adherence to Naylor Report which advocates selling off all NHS land assets cheaply to developers with tax-payers picking up the loss.
  • Camden Council would also like part of that site for the long-campaigned for Secondary School South of the Euston Road.