About Us

The MPNF exists for people in our area to influence decisions that impact us. Emerging from the Mount Pleasant Association and, after an initial focus on the Royal Mail sorting office in Clerkenwell (disappointing outcome – unfortunately), the MPNF now has a  broader purpose: consulting on and representing local views, needs and desires regarding development plans and projects.

The forum does this by:
1.    Taking soundings from the local community and making suggestions, objections and alternate proposals directly to developers, council planners, etc. For example, we are currently working on the following sites: Eastman Dental Hospital on Grays Inn Road, Panther House off Mount Pleasant/ Grays Inn Road, and the Fire Station in South Clerkenwell.
2.    Developing and passing a Neighbourhood Plan (find out about Neighbourhood plans here) – a more formal way to represent the desires of the local community on things like protecting green spaces, building design, location of new homes, shops and offices, etc.
3. Monitoring planning announcements in the area with the potential to impact our community.
How to get involved:

• Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or this website or contact one of the MPNF executive: mpforumwebsite@gmail.com
• Sign up to our mailing list.
• Attend our quarterly community meetings at the Calthorpe Project
• Join occasional onsite public consultations
• Take a lead on an issue important to you by joining the forum as a volunteer.
• Read and comment on the Neighbourhood Plan (link to our plan), which, when passed, will increase the consultation power and influence of local people on local development.